NO!!! There is a big misconception that we only train athletes. This could not be further from the truth. That being said, we consider everyone to be an athlete (of some sort), even if you are just playing the game of life. We train individuals from all walks of life, whether they are stay-at-home moms, professional athletes or seniors. Everyone is welcome at Yuhas Performance!

Of course! Every new member receives a complimentary 1 on 1 consultation that includes: Goal Setting, Functional Movement Screen (which reveals any movement deficiencies we need to know about in designing your individualized program); Body Composition assessment (upon request); and a basic “assessment” workout that includes an introduction to the concepts of the Yuhas Performance philosophy. We also offer a one-month trial membership. Call (860) 739-0042 for more details.
Call (860) 739-0042 and schedule AN EVALUATION OR TRIAL MEMBERSHIP and see for yourself.
1 on 1 private coaching will be CONSIDERED only for those WITH severe physical limitations or who have extraordinary performance goals.
All payments are conducted using an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) that automatically withdraws a monthly payment from a credit card or debit card. Payment withdrawal occurs at the end of each month.
ALL THE years we’ve been in business, we have never had an issue integrating beginners with intermediate
Yes, female athletes are more susceptible to knee injuries, especially tearing of the ACL. All of our programs are developed with an approach of injury reduction first. All athletes are educated on the importance of learning proper technique and are progressed accordingly. When it comes to female athletes, an emphasis is placed on strengthening areas of the lower body, including specific muscles of the hip region as well as the hamstrings, as weaknesses in these areas can result in knee pain and instability which in turn leads to injury.


Absolutely not! Your rate is locked in forever as long as you stay current with your membership. If your membership is allowed to lapse for more than 30 days, you will be subject to the latest rate increase upon return.

Yes. All members can freeze their 12-month membership up to three (3) consecutive or random months for only $35/month.
Yes, we offer memberships for 2 family members as well as a special rate for 3 or more family members. Funds must be drawn from a single bank account.
Unfortunately no. All members are allocated a certain number of training sessions per month based on the membership they chose.
Yes. All members must sign an agreement when choosing a membership and joining our club for two reasons: one, we feel the best way to achieve your goals is to commit long term to an exercise program and invest in yourself. As a staff, we have made a serious commitment to helping you achieve those goals and expect you to make the same commitment. Second, the signed agreement allows us to place you into our third party billing system so monthly payments are withdrawn easily.
Not if you relocate out of the area (20 mile radius) or have a doctor’s note stating that you cannot exercise at this time. If cancellation still occurs without any of the two exemptions mentioned above, then YOU ARE required to pay 80% of the remaining membership agreement balance.
Yes, you will be required to schedule all training appointments. If every one of our members showed up at once without making an appointment, our staff would be unprepared and spread too thin. To assure the finest quality, we require everyone to schedule appointments. We strive to be very accommodating to your busy lifestyle.
Unfortunately, no. We really try to focus all of our efforts on improving your lifestyle and prefer not be in the money collecting business. The only other option is to buy “sessions” and use them as you like, or purchase a 6-month membership paid up front, in full.
Compared to traditional gyms, our approach is to customize individualized programs and nutritional plans for you and change them on a regular basis to keep you progressing. Our trained staff is constantly monitoring your work out to ensure you’ve got the techniques right to get the most out of the exercise and minimize the risk of injury. If you’re looking for results and appreciate quality, then we are for you.
Just like any service or product, prices do increase. If you have been absent from us for more than 30 days, you are subject to our most current rates and price structure.


At Yuhas Performance we like to start training athletes around 12 or 13 years old. This does not mean an athlete cannot start training earlier. However, from my experience, athletes who reach the age of 12 or 13 are a little more physically able and MENTALLY mature enough to handle our training programs.

Despite what you may read or hear, there is no such thing as “sport-specific” exercises. At Yuhas Performance we educate our athletes that things such as improving arm strength or becoming faster are based around our principles of becoming a stronger, more stable, mobile, and more powerful athlete. We train the body from the inside out and from the ground up; a total body approach. The only aspect of training that is “sport-specific” is the conditioning component. Proper conditioning is based upon the energy demands of the sport. In other words, we condition our football athletes differently than our soccer or tennis athletes, and so forth.


Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!